Technical Assistance

Since March 2015, ISWD Project has been providing Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) and its agencies, including the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) and the National Teacher Professional Development Centre (NTPDC) in strengthening sector policy in specific areas to support a greater orientation of TVET provision towards industry needs. Technical assistance interventions were agreed annually with MES. 

Activities under the technical assistance component since March 2015 have included:

  1. Promote an increased level of business engagement in TVET governance, including Public-Private Partnership, Strengthening Sector Committees and social partnership at the local level, etc.
  2. Support completion of the TVET QAF and quality management systems, taking account of the NQF, including development of QAF, recognition of non-formal and informal learning and development of NQF, etc.
  3. Support Career Education and Guidance in Schools and TVET providers.

Reports prepared under Technical Assistance component can be downloaded from the "Documentation" section of the website.